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Auto Locksmith

We are trained to replace and program transponder keys, change car locks, open locked cars and trunks, and duplicate keys. Our technicians work day & night and provide fast response auto locksmith services

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Residential Locksmith

From residential lock rekey and change to lock repair, broken key extraction and deadbolt installation, our company can help anyone. We offer residential locksmith services, respond fast and cover all needs

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Emergency Locksmith

Trained to open locked cars, replace keys, fix locks and take care of related problems, our technicians guarantee immediate locksmith services. We offer emergency services and try to arrive as soon as possible

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Locksmith Anaheim

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We Repair Locks - Our team is able to handle virtually any lock as we deliver services of locksmiths. You can rely on us to cover the entire California locality. We have the technical teams to be able to handle different types of contracts within specification.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Assa Abloy, Kwikset, Master Lock, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Yale, Best lock, and more!
Address: West Greentree Circle
Anaheim, California
Zip code: 92804

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Sunday, all day

Broken key extraction & lockout services! Fast response 24/7!

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Get in touch for the best car lockout services. We have well trained professionals who will ensure that you are safe.

Let us eliminate lock and key problems for you and give you the optimal level of property security. Our company provides a full array of residential, commercial and auto locksmith solutions. Whether you need a transponder key fixed or a brand new lock for your home or office front door, we will do a perfect job in the shortest time. In case there is an urgent problem, you can count completely on our 24/7 emergency service. No matter what time of the day or night it is, you will get full assistance. Our technicians work with absolutely all types of locking devices. The design, make, age and brand do not matter in any way. Each device receives servicing of the highest quality.

You can rely on us fully in any kind of emergency situation. Our company has a well-developed system for emergency response which is completely foolproof. All distress calls are answered right away. You should not expect to wait for long or to be asked to leave a message. As a mobile locksmith team, we reach customers extremely quickly regardless of their location. Whether you have a broken office key or you are locked out of your car in a little-known place, you will get help even sooner than you think. Waiting times are reduced to the possible minimum thanks to the use of dependable vehicles and navigation technology.

Mobile locksmith company handling all lock and key emergencies

Rely on us to resolve all kinds of issues on an urgent basis or by appointment. In case of a lockout, the most effective and safe opening technique is used depending on the design of the door and the lock. One of the issues most commonly resolved by our specialists in California is key loss. Our solution is always fully comprehensive and has long-lasting positive results. The lock is rekeyed or replaced depending on its technology and condition. Our technician will do the job swiftly and with the highest degree of accuracy. The owner is provided with a new set of keys so that no one will be able to use the old ones for opening the door. This is how security is maximized after the accident. 

Locksmith Services

Our extensive experience and advanced knowledge enable us to eliminate even the most complex problems. All of our team members keep up to date with the latest advancements in our industry through purposefully designed training for professionals. That is why you can expect to receive the best lock repair service even if you have one of the most innovative digital devices working with fingerprint recognition rather than with a traditional physical key. We have established a work process which is followed strictly for delivering the perfect outcome in the end. With thorough inspection and the use of tests, the cause of the problem is identified. Then the most effective repair technique is implemented with the use of modern precision tools. Our equipment is based on the latest technology and maintained in excellent condition. You should not expect to see even a single scratch on the locking device after the repair. Another factor enabling us to produce the ideal result every time is the use of replacement components of the finest quality. Our warehouse is always fully stocked with cylinders, pins, bolts, strike plates and other spare parts.

Thanks to our close attention to every detail, our company has become a primary choice for the owners of homes, businesses and vehicles. When necessary, our repair service includes the cleaning and lubrication of the locking device so that its optimal functionality is fully restored. Every job is concluded with the testing of the lock for confirming that it works exactly as it should. This is how our customers get their peace of mind. If repair is not an option, the locking device is replaced with a new one. When there is more than one option, our customer receives the opportunity to select the new lockset which will be installed. Our technician will provide all the required information and advice for making the best choice. It is our commitment to increase the level of security to the maximum with lock replacement. This job is completed quickly. The new device is fitted firmly into place and tested for ensuring that all is fine.

Our job is to fix locks and keys and it is always done well. All you have to do is tell us whenever you notice a problem. Otherwise, it can become much worse and pose a serious risk to your security. It all begins with the asking of a simple question.

* Why has the front door lock become harder to operate? This could be due to lack of proper lubrication or to misalignment or damage of the internal components. Our inspection will reveal the precise cause of the problem and it will be eliminated through the repair or replacement of the affected parts.
* What should be done for a key broken inside the lock? The most important thing is not to attempt to extract it or to open the door forcefully by yourself. Our technician will do the extraction work with a specially designed tool and fix the lock, if it has got damaged. A matching key will be cut for you.
* How come I cannot turn the key inside the ignition at all? There are different possible causes to this problem. The list includes damaged or malfunctioning ignition lock, damaged key blade, faulty transmitter and faulty receiver. The precise cause of the issue will be pinpointed quickly and the problematic component will be fixed or replaced. In rare cases, the ignition or the transponder key will be replaced with a new one. You can have perfect confidence in the quality of our key cutting service.

Our services go beyond the resolving of urgent and ongoing problems. Let us make your new or existing property more secure by giving it new and better door locks. The first step of the project includes door security assessment. Then you will receive complete assistance with choosing the new devices for the doors of your home, office or car. They will be fitted perfectly into place and tested so you will simply need to start using them. We have the skills to install even the most sophisticated digital locks. In this case, the customer will receive guidance and advice on how to use them correctly and effectively. Everything is done to achieve the highest level of security and convenience for the property owner. You can count on us even for more advanced and complex projects such as safe installation and the setting up of a master key system which covers the whole building or a section of it.

All locks and keys require maintenance regardless of their design or age. This applies even to the ones used for interior doors. When care is provided on a regular basis, the useful life of the devices is extended and any issues are noticed timely. Take a closer look at the main tasks involved in maintenance.

* Inspection and testing - Both the lockset and the key are checked for physical signs of damage such as deep scratches, dents and chips. The inspection has to cover the door handle and the strike plate as well. The test involves jiggling the handle to see whether it is slightly loose as it has to be or tense. Then the key is turned inside the lock. If it is sticking or there are strange noises, timely repair is required.
* Cleaning - The keyway is cleaned with compressed air while the external lock components and the key are cleaned with non-abrasive and non-rusting solution. The next steps are rinsing with damp cloth and drying with dry cloth immediately after this.
* Lubrication - Graphite powder lubricant especially designed for locks is squeezed into the keyway. A tiny amount of it is spread on the front part of the cylinder. A thin layer of lubricant is applied to the blade of the key as well. Then the key is inserted several times and turned carefully for the proper spreading of the lubricant.

Our company, "Locksmith Anaheim", is always here to give you the repair, security improvement and advice that you require. You can have complete confidence in our expertise when it comes to servicing home, office and vehicle locks and keys. Every job is completed successfully in the shortest time.

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With dedication to people's needs, our company offers full home, commercial and auto locksmith services in the 92804 zip code area. Our business is available day and night for repairs and lock rekeying, offers deadbolt installation, programs transponder keys and opens locked doors.

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