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Did you leave the car keys locked in the car and are now wondering what to do? Are you having a hard time opening the house door lately? If you have various questions about your security, locks and keys, check the answers to some frequently asked questions here below.

Take a few seconds to check out the following FAQs and their answers and learn what to do when locks malfunction

Should I replace my conventional locking system with electric locks?

While this mainly depends on preference and budget, if you believe that conventional locks no longer work, you couldn’t be any more wrong. If your conventional system has kept your home safe with no problems, then there shouldn’t be any reason to replace it.

Something’s jammed in the lock, what do I do?

Your best bet is not to push it further in by messing around with the lock. Locksmith Anaheim experts recommend that you use oil or any other type of lubricant so that you can slide the foreign object out of the cylinder in an easier fashion.

Should I repair or replace broken locks?

Some problems with locks be repaired but when some specific parts are broken, it's always best to have the lock replaced. When locks break, it can be hard to get them working like new again. When it comes to your security, our specialists suggest avoiding taking such risks. After all, if the lock is broken and won't work right, you'll have to replace it soon anyway. So, you could save the money and the hassle by replacing them right away!

What do I do if the ignition key gets stuck?

Ignition car keys can get stuck if there's something wrong with the ignition, the steering wheel is locked, the key is bent or if the ignition switch is dirty. So keep the ignition repaired and clean, make sure the key is fine and that you use the right one, and be careful not to lock the steering wheel. If the key is stuck, try turning the steering wheel and the key at the same time and keep the selector in the neutral position.

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