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Choose the Right Deadbolts

10/23/2015 Back To Blog

Survival of the fittest doesn't apply solely in nature. It's a rule that should follow you in everything you do and in all decisions you make. Let's assume you are interested in new deadbolt installation. You probably thought of getting these types of locks since they are considered to be top of the line for higher security. Did you know that there are different qualities among them? Did you know that there are several types of deadbolts? With property security being the number one concern of every single homeowner, a deadbolt is surely the best option for your main or even secondary doors, but you must still choose the right one.Choose the Right Deadbolts

3 good choices among deadbolts

When it comes to regular door locks, you will have to decide whether you want to get single or double cylinder deadbolts. The latter ones will simply give you the advantage of locking the door with the key from inside, too. Although, you must keep in mind that in some areas local building regulations forbid these kinds of locks for safety reasons. There is another option. Some deadbolts have a thumb turn on the internal part which can remain unlocked or be locked and the door won't open even if someone has access to your door from within.

If you want more modern solutions, there is always the option of digital security door locks. Most of them work with a key, a fob and by entering your personal password. They might have a keypad or a touchscreen and although they are considered keyless entry systems, they still open and lock with a regular key – if you choose to do so. So, you will basically have three ways of locking or unlocking the door and apart from making your life very easy, you will also avoid house lockouts.

Last but certainly not least, you can choose biometric deadbolts. This is the most extravagant solution for high security. With these systems, you will stop searching for the keys in your bag or worry whether you forgot or lost them. All you have to do is put your finger or thumb on the scanner pad of the deadbolt and the door will open. Security is enhanced because nobody can pick the locks again or find your lost house keys and get in your house – not without your fingertips.

 A few more tips:

* Make sure the new deadbolts have parts made of steel or brass to be sure that they are durable

* The bolt must be 1' long

* Get grade 2 locks for your home and grade 1 for your office – they are the strongest according to ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

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