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Keep Keys Safe to Enjoy Security

10/23/2015 Back To Blog

Wouldn't it be ironic to invest in new security door locks, spend time searching for the best ones and make sure all parts of your house are always well secured just to discover that someone still managed to break-in by using your own keys? If you go to the trouble of doing such thorough research on which door locks are best and are aiming for the most advanced home security available today, treat your keys accordingly. How many times have you noticed people leaving their keys on tables in cafes and restaurants or letting children play with them? This can cause many problems and must be avoided for several reasons.Keep Keys Safe to Enjoy Security

Are your keys still in your purse? Learn how to keep them safe

Copying your home, office or chip car key can be the easiest thing in the world nowadays. While sitting at a café, as you continue enjoying your cappuccino, someone could have lifted your transponder key from your table to steal your car. Things are even easier for simple house keys, where there are hardly any restrictions and all the guy has to do is to follow you home. Sounds scary? It is! That's why it's imperative that you keep keys (all of them) well protected at the deepest parts of your bags or briefcases so that nobody can steal them from you.

Have you see friends letting their children play with keys? If you ask them about it, they say: “they are just keys”. Keys are often reduced to meaningless objects. Parents often fail to think that these are the main means for them to lock and open the door. Since they are made of steel, children might also get hurt. Little boys would love play with daddy's auto chip key and even try it in the ignition, too. This is just a recipe for disaster. Keys shouldn't be left behind the door where kids can reach them and simply open the door and walk out or for intruders to reach in through a close by window and grab. Your security is not only questioned only when they are lost and possibly stolen, but also when the door cannot be locked due to key issues. So, do get duplicates, keep all of them somewhere safe and rekey locks the minute you realized the keys are missing.

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